All the hard work over the past years is nearing a decision point in the coming days. The training from years of writing “Just the facts, Ma’am” and all of the wonderful books that I have read lead to the creation of my first novel, SINK RATE and then to the second, ROPE BREAK.
It is a tough period for first time novelists as the publishing industry is going through a transition from paper to electrons. I have been fortunate to have received two offers to publish my books. I will make that decision in the coming weeks and begin the process of final editing and formatting. More news on release dates will come later.
Thanks to all of you who have encouraged and pushed me along this trail. Maureen, Patti and Dick, Betty, Herb, Claudia and Jim. Colleen and Dave, Debbie, Bonnie, Michele and all the others, thank you, thank you.
Oh, and the third book (the title is still a bit of a secret, some of you already know it but are keeping it quiet) is just over half finished. Maybe by spring it will be ready to follow the others, if I don’t have too many more doors to hang or projects to finish!

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