My third novel, “Captain’s Cross” is finished. Some of you already knew the title but I sent the copyright in so now it’s official. A lot of research went in to this work and I tried to include as much “real” history into the book as I could. I’ll try to keep you all informed on the progress to get it published. Wish me luck!

The French are out and causing havoc. Along the western colonial frontier in 1753 Ben Deland is on the edge of the conflict and finds himself in a life and death struggle to survive Indians, pirates and murderers. This young hunter, scout and ship’s captain has assembled a crew of loyal and capable men to help him face the perils of wilderness mountains and the dangers of the high seas. Ben foils an Indian attack and rescues victims of French Indian terror in the New York wooded hills. He then brings his sleek Bermuda sloop and crew down the Hudson to sea only to fall in love with a surprise passenger and be forced to defend his ship and true love from a deadly pirate attack and a pitched battle with French warships.
Ben is drawn into the service of a young Virginia Militia Major on a desperate mission up frozen rivers to a fateful meeting with the French Army. Ben leads his First Officer, a mountain of half Susquehannock Indian-half black Shakespeare quoting fury and a fourteen year old boy turned young frontiersman by necessity on a harrowing cross mountain secret mission through Indian and unsettled territory. Braving wild animal and wild men attacks, Ben has to desperately struggle to reach Major George Washington in time to prevent his death at the hands of the French and Indians. Great characters and scene portrayal with action, adventure and drama in the wilderness and at sea. A novel laced with humor, and real history, even a love story all so compelling that everyone who starts this book will refuse to put down.

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