COPS…When the world comes crashing down around you, who ya gonna call? It won’t be Harold or Bill, as talented and funny as they are (Ghostbuster’s reference). It won’t be some politician no matter how passionate you may be for their “policies”. It won’t be your facebook friends or twitter followers or the Apple help line. It will be some ex-military or college boy/girl or that big kid from down the street who grew up and went “on the cops”. And they will rush to help you no matter what your political or social views may be. They won’t ask about that. They’ll just ask how they can help you and risk their lives doing it if necessary. I know, I was that big kid from down the block.
The Pennsylvania State Police, as a mass of over four thousand different individuals and as one family breathed a huge sigh of relief last night. U.S. Marshal’s captured a murderer who decided a PSP uniform was a target for his rage. Try to imagine the strength of character it took to walk through woods and swamp searching for a killer with a high powered rifle and a powerful telescopic sight lurking somewhere just out of sight. Perhaps just behind that stand of oak or in that thicket of pine. Chilling.
I worked those hills and valleys for years. Much of the time alongside a PSP Trooper on all sorts of cases. Many of those experiences have made their way into my novels. You can’t make this stuff up though. This was real life and all those cops deserve our respect and our thanks for all they do and all they did to catch this piece of shit.
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Photos: Arraignment of Eric Frein
Alleged cop killer Eric Frein is arraigned Oct. 31, 2014, at the Pike County Courthouse, as a huge crown of media gathers outside and law enforcement

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