POLITICS…It’s over, except in Louisiana, for another two years. No, I’m not going to cheer or sob for either side. I don’t have the time or energy for it. Working for and with politicians for the past 36 plus years has immunized me from their rhetoric and promises. I’m part of the “We’ll just see” wing of electorate. Some of you know where most of my sympathies lie but I try to keep my doubting-sarcastic-smartass radar up and running where politicians are concerned.
Somewhere down the list of future fiction projects is a political thriller that will be a hoot to write. Before that though are the recent and current projects that take up my day. Retirement, shoulda done it sooner!

3 thoughts on “POLITICS

    • Thanks Jeanne. Christine has my first two crime/detective novels scheduled for next year. I’m polishing a colonial America land and sea novel (CAPTAIN’S CROSS) now and starting on the next crime novel. My writing is also influenced by ancestors. Mine were French Huguenots on Mom’s side. Hope your book breaks a leg! Oh, and nice dog.


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