PLUMBING…Is anybody with me here? If I was in charge, I’d make plumbing into an art form rather than a trade or a vocation. Plumber’s are true artists. Just how many trips to Lowes does it take to fix a broken plumb? Is it directly or inversely proportional to the seriousness of the plumb? I get confused. I can usually count to 20 as I set about fixing the disaster because my shoes and socks are off as I wade through the gushing aftermath of the failed plumb.
Fixing the “drain” side of plumbing is a snap. No pressure. The liquid flows downhill and unless you leave a big hole, it doesn’t cause an insurance claim. It’s the “Dark Side” that keeps me awake at night or on antacids while away from home. Those who haven’t experienced a leak, YET, on the pressure side of the pipes will not understand just what an art form these butt crack maestros practice. Tell the kids the college fund is going for that second honeymoon to Tahiti, they should find the local plumber and sign on as an apprentice. Job and future security.
The family hot water heater was nursed through 29 years of service. We caught it just in the nick of time. The “artist” who came to install the new one was amazed. He wanted my autograph. OK, it was on the bill but be that as it may, he was amazed none the less that it had not blown and necessitated a panic 3 AM call, at time and a half, to pump out the basement.
I should buy lottery tickets.

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