WEATHER REPORT…The Winter Quarters have been opened up once again. It was a little chilly this morning, only 71 degrees and breezy but somehow I managed to put my a$$ in the seat on the lanai (that’s what we call a back porch here in wrinkle land) and work through the morning briskness. The ladies at Publix will be happy to see their best green tea customer back again and I hope the bakery has those raspberry turnovers that I shouldn’t eat.

You have to get out and get your moving around done before noon ’cause that’s when all the nedleys stumble out to their Buicks and peer over the top of their steering wheels Barefoot Beach Napleswhile driving up Airport Road at 20 MPH. I sure am glad I’m not old yet…

3 thoughts on “WEATHER REPORT

  1. Raspberry turnover! That sounds divine. I won’t tell anyone. I bought a cruller this morning myself.
    I looked up ‘nedley’ in the urban dictionary and none of those definitions seem to fit. Can you tell me what it means?


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