From those that were there… (4)

Fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers and what they did for us. Thank you.

Pacific Paratrooper

Just prior to starting the Bataan Death March Just prior to starting the Bataan Death March

Lester Tenney was out of Chicago, Illinois and into the US Army 192nd Tank Battalion when the Bataan Death March made it’s infamous mark in history.  It has been 69 years since since his released ______

Lester Tenney Lester Tenney

“The march became known as the Bataan Death March, not just because of how many died, but because of they way they died.  If you stopped, you were killed.  If you had a malaria attack and had to stop for help, you were killed.  If you had dysentery and had to stop to relieve yourself, you were killed. Without food or water and with constant beatings, the march became unbearable.  Seeking a drink  of water from a caribou wallow resulted in dysentery and drinking water from a free-flowing artesian well resulted in being killed.

“And how did they kill you?  By shooting or bayoneting…

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3 thoughts on “From those that were there… (4)

  1. The Japanese were brutal combatants in every conceivable way. They inspired likewise brutality in Marines and soldiers who fought them. As Eugene Sledge said so eloquently, “it was like two scorpions in a bottle–one was destroyed, the other nearly so.” And they treated their prisoners mcuh, much worse. 37% of allied prisoners died in their captivity. Awful stuff. Thanks for reminding us.

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    • My wife’s uncle was a prisoner of the Japanese. He came home severly damaged and had a tough, chaotic life wracked with violence and alcohol. Near the end he found a place in his soul for God and lived his final days in peace. A steep price to pay.


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