Rape suspect brutally beaten by victim’s boyfriend, “acting in defense”

Brutally? Maybe. Perhaps the victim and her protector should have endured the assault while waiting for the police to respond. Cops can’t be everywhere. Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do.

7 thoughts on “Rape suspect brutally beaten by victim’s boyfriend, “acting in defense”

    • I’ve worked on a number of sexual assault cases in my career. It is NEVER forgotten. Not by the victim or those of us working on the case. One of the first felony arrests I participated in was a child molester/rapist when I was a rookie. I still recall it to this day. I shudder to think about the little boy and girl who were the victims, who by now would be adults and having to deal with the consequences of it.


      • Will it ever end? I think the attention paid to the subject, bringing it out of the hidden shadows and working for solutions and circumstances to shut it off and stop it will reduce the numbers. It was such a hushed and forbidden thing years ago and the victims got a lot of the blame, unfairly and unwisely.

        I write about it in my second novel, ROPE BREAK, (out February 2016) but it’s fiction. And I make it turn out ok. Not always the case. As they say, God has a special place…

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      • I think less about where he ends up and more about a peaceful sleep at night. But I would not call that man’s face brutality in context with the story. He is lucky to be alive.

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  1. This happened in the county where I live. Karma comes in many shapes…sometimes fist-shaped. My husband is a police officer, and he has to witness the suffering of the victims on a daily basis. Her internal scars will remain long after his external ones have healed.


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