Joe, Leon and Rita

Three of my all time favorites from when music filled your mortal soul…  Joe Cocker (rest in peace Joe), Leon Russell and the best back up singer turned solo artist, Rita Coolidge. I still haven’t quite forgiven her for that creep Kristofferson thing but the lady can sing!

Do you remember what you were listening to in 1970?

3 thoughts on “Joe, Leon and Rita

  1. Oh I loved Rita Coolidge at 16, pure romance. I was 7 in 1970 but I do remember early 70’s. I was into Donny Osmond and Elvis. He died when I was 14. I was devestated that I’d never get to see him. My mom had a couple of albums, one she listened to a lot was Bridge over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel. I still love it, and everything they’ve done, together and alone.

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    • Her first album (they were really albums then) after she went solo was very bluesy and had great guitar work on the tracks.

      I’ll do a music post now and then. I still listen to my old (60’s and 70’s) favorites when I write. I often find myself staring at my laptop while the harmony of vocals or some guitar riff is working in my earphones.


      • I would say the only era I almost leave out completely was the 50’s- other than a few specific sounds that I liked. I liked what developed into motown and what was coming out of UK but I really don’t enjoy a lot of what some consider oldies- the bobby-soxer type music.

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