iANXIETY…If the famous director Alfred Hitchcock was still available to bring scripts to the screen he might be able to make us both laugh and scream directing a film where an iphone is the villain. I don’t have one and probably won’t go out of my way to get one either. I have a “smart phone” or so they tell me. I wouldn’t know. It hasn’t cooked me dinner yet or even opened a bottle of beer. I’m not too sure how it got the “smart” handle but then again I don’t give a hoot. I call people with it and on rare occasions even send a text message. Other than that it’s pretty much useless. I probably am not alone in my amazement of the numbers of people I see wandering about life with their face glued to the tiny screen of their phone. What the f#$% are they doing on the stupid thing that is so important? They walk into other people and step into traffic. They sit at tables in restaurants and stare into the stupid phone instead of actually talking to the other people at the table. I could see it if they were fighting international terrorism on the thing or even trading stocks for profit but Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Hitchcock could put a real twist on it like in “Dial M for Murder”. “Tweet the Trauma”, “Facebook for the Fatal Fall”, “Blog of Blood”. You’d think the things could do more than flash pictures and words on that glowing little screen. Maybe if it was set on vibrate…

Snow White iphone zombie

8 thoughts on “iANXIETY

  1. I was waiting to meet up with a friend so had some time for people watching. It occurred to me that technology is a great way to claim private space in a rapidly shrinking world… Especially if your world is set in a city of strangers. People use their devices as shields. It used to be magazines, newspapers and books that kept the strangers at bay. And that lazer gaze that dared anyone to smile or say hello. Same insecurities, different defenses?

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