SIMILARITIES…Another of my music history lectures for the class. I hope everyone brought their headphones. Mark Farner and I are brothers from different mothers. Now that mom is gone to her great reward, we can have a discussion about where my dad was nine months before Mark was born. The lead singer/guitar/organ player for Grand Funk Railroad and I were/are really so much alike. He is about my age, we both play guitar and can sing, we both had great hair in our youth and in 1971 we both were about the same weight. Unfortunately the similarities have a separation factor…talent. He has it and I wish I had it.

I saw a recent interview with Mark and he is still touring. He is an outdoorsman and avid hunter (I only hunt with a camera now) and we both have had the same cervical fusion operation. His injury from years of guitar strap weight and mine from lifting a window air conditioner. But alas, the musical talent gap is still there. He still plays to appreciative crowds and I still just listen.

From his GFR heyday and one of his rock masterpieces, (no string accompaniment on this live version) “I’m Your Captain”. Rock on my brother!

Mark Farner recent photo

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