WORKPLACE VIOLENCE…Lots of kerfluffel bouncing around these days about cops and the way they do their jobs. Slowdown at the NYPD, Boston protest control, choke holds and, of course “Hands up or I’ll shoot”. Oh, that’s not how it went? I’ll have to go back and read the actual transcript to be sure.

Then there is the debate about what to wear. Black tie or dinner jacket. As if it really mattered a wit outside of Downton Abbey. Helmets, ballistic vests, boots and saddles? So many decisions. We certainly don’t want to be frightened by those big mean police men and women. After all we don’t really know what they are thinking behind those Captain Reflecto mirrored sunglasses.

But when the male bovine fecal material hits the rotating air movement device and thugs or terrorists invade the Starbucks and spill (gasp) seven dollar cups of latte all over the stockbrokers and starving artists present who’s gonna show up to make sure the barista’s provide warm damp towels and free refills?

cop swat gear  Cop in shorts


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