GUITAR TRIBUTE…Another jewel plucked from my playlist. While writing yesterday we had a moment together. Clapton has been around and around. So many different groups and, of course, his solo work and the super tribute to George Harrison. How did one guy end up with so much talent and the ability to translate it to the rest of us.?

One of his acoustic masterpieces dedicated to his son, Conor, who fell to his death from a New York apartment window almost 23 years ago. What is your Clapton memory?

Clapton and son Conor

7 thoughts on “GUITAR TRIBUTE

  1. Clapton was just a member of the several 60’s groups to me until I heard “Leyla” and “Bell Bottom Blues”. I started paying a little closer attention to him after that. He is also a fellow sailor, there seems to be something about a boat on the water and music…


  2. Okay, don’t laugh! <—action adventure fan. The "Lethal Weapon" soundtrack! (the first one) (he did work on that soundtrack, right? My memory sucks…)

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  3. I remember when Clapton’s son had that accident, and soon after the song came out. I was living in New York at the time. Horrifying.

    I’m crazy about the band Cream, and “Sunshine of your love.” I have the dvd of them in a reunion concert in Prince Albert hall and it still rings true. the talent of these guys does not age.

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