SERENDIPITY…Back in my yute I was walking across campus from an unsuccessful foray into the “artsy” side of the university trying to find lovely young and tender female companionship. Alas, no opportunity to expand my knowledge in that area presented itself. It was dark and I had a long walk out to the street to thumb a ride back to the apartment.

I heard the bass first. The lower range carried further. As I got nearer the drums and guitar began to feed in and I thought “Man, whoever is covering that song has nailed it!’ I saw the open doors of the smoke filled venue and just stood there letting the sound and the moment overtake me. The actual Allman Brothers were on stage roaring their “Southern Rock” full force for a nearly packed audience.

I was amazed. Why had I not known? How did this happen? Remember, this was WAY before any sort of social media. We had “bulletin boards” that we never looked at and bars. I thought about running to a pay phone (yes children, there used to be phones that anyone could walk up to and, for a dime, make a local telephone call) and calling my room mates but my feet were planted. They would just have to miss it, like I almost did.

Allman Brothers Band

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