HAWSER…a book review

                                      “If I die today, I will have had this.” 
“I knew how to fly when I was born.” JHC gets it. But the book is so much more than flying and fighting. The nature of war and the life that surrounds it floods out of the story. Hawser is not a hero, he is flawed and vulnerable and very, very real. He tells his story and takes the reader back to times past to fill in and fill out. Highly recommended for fiction buffs and those with curiosity of things historical. Not a one dimensional story and filled with the layers that make good fiction. Drama, description, dialogue, and humor. And an ending that, well, it’ll surprise you and make you go in search of the next Carroll masterpiece.
HAWSER cover
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6 thoughts on “HAWSER…a book review

  1. Holy cow, Mike! What a fantastic review. If I ever make enough money to afford a plane ticket to the tropical paradise where you now reside, I’ll take you to dinner. Plus I want to hear some of your great cop stories. Thanks for reading, and extra thanks for taking the time to post this review.

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