COME SAIL AWAY…Classic rock music came in an abundance of forms, sounds and talents. Touches of genius popped through here and there and one of the best is Dennis DeYoung of STYX. His strong lead vocals and brilliant keyboards have “stood the test of time” and in spite of creative and health issues, he has survived.

Two examples of a great song from the 70’s and then again in 2013. Which is better? Ahh, who cares? They both showcase the musical inspiration and yes, genius of Dennis DeYoung…

Dennis DeYoung – Come Sail Away – Belle et Bum 16-03-13 – 1080 HD
Dennis DeYoung – Come Sail Away, paroles et musique de Dennis DeYoung, Belle et Bum, samedi le 16 mars 2013, merci beaucoup Belle et Bum et Télé-Québec. http…

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