Great deal from Amazon and a great read. I’ve heard it said that if you plan on being a wise ass you had better start from wise. Jake is just that and a bit of an ass too. But despite the roadblocks thrown in front of him by bosses who have never said the four magic words, “You are under arrest”, he risks death or worse at the hands of criminals and terrorists to get to the only thing that counts, the truth.

Ride the rocky and exciting twister with Jake but hang on to your britches and your preconceived notions of cops and spies, you’re in for a thrill you will not regret. Highly recommended and I ain’t easy to impress.

The explosive new thriller from Oliver North, who stormed bestseller lists nationwide with his disarmingly authentic military novel Heroes Proved, is a gripping, non-stop tale that could only be written by someone who has “been there, done…

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