Pattern Matching Quiz

THE WALL…I don’t know enough to opine about man made global warming or global cooling or climate change. Well, I do about that. The climate changes. That’s why I’m convinced we need THE WALL along the border. I know, that’s an immigration issue and I don’t want to get into that debate either. But it’s much more than that and we have to act now. Who knows when the next ice age will hit. It’s been about 10,000 years since the last one and the way the winters have been the last couple of years (at least for you folks north of Tampa) I think a little forethought is in order.

After all, do we really want all those, gasp, Canadians, fleeing here to escape the mile high sheets of ice? Those towering tides of coldness rolling south over the tundra like a crystal white Blob? Hockey will edge out baseball as the national pastime and maple syrup will be a mandatory condiment at every restaurant table! Eh? And Moosehead? Ewwww, yuck!

Congress can’t seem to get its act together to build the wall to protect Texans from measles so we need a national grassroots, while we still have grass north of Tampa, effort to get behind the building of a giant wall to keep out the glaciers and all those pale, sun starved Canadians. The ancient Chinese built one and the East Germans threw up a doozey so why can’t we get the ball rolling. BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL!

Real Science

Anyone with an IQ above a climate scientist or turnip should be able to pass this quiz.

ScreenHunter_6711 Feb. 02 22.24

ScreenHunter_6712 Feb. 02 22.26

ScreenHunter_6710 Feb. 02 22.16

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