WARBIRDS…A beautiful sunny warm day at the Naples airport. Kids from 2 to 102 wandering around these impressive planes. Did my heart good to see so many WWII aged veterans taking their 60 to 70 year old “youngsters” out to see the airplanes.

Reminds me to remind all of you that our fellow blogger, J Hardy Carroll’s new novel,”Hawser”, is terrific and available on Amazon.com.

B-17 noseP-51 taxi outHAWSER cover

3 thoughts on “WARBIRDS

    • For $3500 you could go up in the two seat P-51 for a 90 minute flight. $2500 for 30 minutes. I think it was $450 to ride in the B-17. Passed on both. I don’t like flying in anything smaller than a 737 unless I’m driving, although the P-51 has duel controls,”‘I got it!”

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