I WANT TO SAY I LOVE YOU…1971, Cocoa Beach, my first “actual” stereo system, a Sansui amp, Sony reel to reel and Sony speakers. The big time. My roommates also had reel to reels and we would chip in together to buy an album (I know I’ve lost some of you “kids” but amps, reel to reels and albums are devices used in ancient rituals long since abandoned) and we would all record it on the first play out of the sleeve and preserve the absolute best quality. Along with Clapton, CSN and Ten Years After, Rita’s album appeared and that bluesy voice and those dark eyes stirred my young and foolish soul. Thursday’s throwback love song for Valentines week of love songs, Rita Coolidge and “‘”Love Me Again”.

2 thoughts on “I WANT TO SAY I LOVE YOU

  1. Rita Coolidge and Reel-to Reel tapes? Yup ……….. still remember them. 🙂 I also remember changing the copper needles in the wind-up record player ……….. stacking the 78’s in order to get the “whole piece” (generally with classical pieces); watching them drop (ouch!) on top of each other at the appropriate time and (of course) being ecstatic when stereo recordings came out! 🙂 “My Boy Lollipop” (Millie)….. protest songs… psychedelia….skiffle… gotta luv long term memory!

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