Four Paws On 5th


Mike Fuller

Navigating the crowd

Some come for the cars, imagine that, the biggest deal car show of the year. Over five hundred beautiful machines worth millions. Forty thousand people strolling along posh 5th Avenue in crisp February Naples air, dreaming and drooling over V-8’s, convertible tops and flawless paint. Quite a gathering of rich and not so rich rubbing elbows on the avenue. But the annual “Cars on 5th” show put on by The Ferrari Club of Naples, , is so much more than that. It is a whopping big charity event benefitting St. Matthews House, , an organization that distributes food and clothing, operates food pantries and homeless shelters and also substance abuse recovery programs. What a great way to spend a Saturday.

But the cars and the people were not alone. The show wasn’t just about the red Ferrari’s or even the, gasp, yellow ones. Not the Corvettes or flathead Fords or even those elegant ladies in expensive clothes and make up floating along trying not to look bored. There was another show that may not have been noticed by everyone but it happens every year and is just as much a part of the atmosphere as all the other hoopla.

Meet Abby…


And Grace…


Aren’t they sweeties? And happy to be with their people. Dogs, lots of them. Mixing in among all the legs and strollers. Weaving in and out and taking in all the smells, sights and sounds. All part of the show.

Take a stroll. Yes, you can look at all the pretty cars but don’t forget to look down now and then and see what is walking along with you. Meet the “Four Paws on 5th”…

No mountains on 5th   No snow on 5th

Where’s the mountain?                                           No snow on 5th

Lunch?          MMHMMuMMumumum

Lunch?                                                         Mumnumummun

Free ride    Valentine scarf

Free ride                                                  Valentine scarf

ceramic dog   Terrier stare

Ceramic pee                                                    Terrier stare

Shorkie  Doodle doo

Shorkie                                                      Doodle doo

DSC_7912   Sit stand walk make up your mind

Golden boy                                                      Sit, stand, heel

FLUFFY!   Diva

Fluffy!                                                             Diva

Happy Havanese  A pair

Happy Havanese                                         Rest period’s over

Seen any Elks?   New haircut

Seen any elk?                                                      New haircut

Where's the Morgan?   C'est bon!

Where’s the Morgan?                                              C’est bon!

East or Westie   Shia Tzu too

East or Westie                                                 Shia Tzu too

Cavalier attitude    Rescue me

Cavalier Attitude                                                      Rescue me

Just a few, we didn’t find them all. Next year maybe we’ll report on the cats. Well, maybe not. Please support St. Matthews House with your generous donations:

St Matthews House

2601 Airport Road S.
Naples FL 34112


Photos by Mike

Annie get the ball

Able assistance by Annie. Get the ball, Annie!

9 thoughts on “FOUR PAWS ON 5TH

  1. Only article I have ever read which mentions Ferraris, ‘vettes and “flat-heads” and then presents pics of dogs. Nice touch! I’m an ex Norton man from the 60’s but switched to Mountain bikes (pedal variety) here. Went over the front once too often so switched to Road bike (pedal variety). Perhaps I should stick with walking! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      • How would Ray handle 40,000 people? He wouldn’t! He would probably be jumping up at everybody in his best threatening manner …….. and would probably convince a lot of them that there’s someplace else they would rather be! If he survived the ordeal (given police presence), he would be a “basket case” after a few minutes. Of course we could muzzle him and keeping giving him treats, but then our 75lb bundle of joy would probable be over 100lbs when we left!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • My little Annie rode in her carrier on my chest and served to draw the attention of the other dogs as I photographed them. She was a great ambassador and enjoyed all the attention she received from the crowd. Hardest part was getting back up after kneeling down to shoot the picture. This getting old sucks!


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