1972 ALL OVER AGAIN…We tried to remember the last actual live rock and roll concert we had attended. Advancing age aside, it was a strain. I guess it’s either just being lazy or too comfortable watching each other watching TV. Or the cost of a stinkin’ ticket. We love music. Even more since we have time to pay attention to something other than 8 to 5 work and kids. Now that I’m self employed I have a real “in” with the boss and can get time off almost any time I want it, if I ask nicely. Case in point, Jackson Browne. The guy’s still doing the do. He’s over 65 now, some rockers are older but not many work as hard as he does. Still touring and just released another album.

Now I’ve been a fan since I heard “Ready or Not”, his early 70’s song about his hot girlfriend getting in the family way. A situation every young healthy guy in the early 70’s thought about regularly. Many stirring and beautiful songs later found his music one of the most frequently played on the random setting of my MP3 player. I have most of his stuff and still enjoy it. The child bride is even beginning to recognize his music and asks,”isn’t that that guy you like?”

Well, the chance for us to see JB in person came around this winter. He was coming to Wrinkle Land’s suburbs to escape the frigid world north of Tampa and the child bride said she would go along. Now, Jackson Browne is a great singer/songwriter BUT, he has other “issues” he feels are very important. Plastic in the ocean, uber liberal politics and other feel good, can’t we all just get along causes. I like his music so all the other things get a pass. My MP3 would be rather sparse if musician politics was a criteria for entry.

I’m not a music critic so I’ll simply say it was breathtaking. Three hours of excellent musicality blending six musicians and two back up vocalists into what could be a master’s class in bringing an appreciative audience into a frenzied standing ovation. Wow!  If you ever get the chance, go.

Along with almost all (he left out the pregnant song and one of my favorites, “The Load Out”)  the easily recognized hits, Browne introduced some of his latest album’s tunes and encored with his version of the song he wrote and was made popular by the Eagles, “Take It Easy”.  Our favorite of the new ones is featured below…

7 thoughts on “1972 ALL OVER AGAIN

    • I would liked to have heard it but the rest of the show was so well performed it didn’t matter. I wish I had the musical knowledge to be able to describe the way his band wove the instruments together. His voice is as good or maybe even better now.


  1. I always preferred his version of Cocaine to Clapton’s. ” I was talking to the doctor down at the hospital. Said son says here you’re 27 but that’s impossible. You look like you could be 45. Cocaine is running all around my brain.”

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    • His voice is still very strong but methinks he has dropped a key or two. Just an amazing show, not for any stage theatrics, he just walks out and plays. The only hitch was the lead guitar guy. A little harsh and he fumbled just a tiny bit here and there. The steel guitar/lap slide guitar player more than made up for it though. JB gave us a short lecture about the health of he oceans and the problem of plastic containers. Can’t argue with him but the venue sold bottled water and the audience didn’t practice what JB preached. Oh well, I guess we’ll just stop our weekly trips to the Gulf to unload our recycle bin. Do our part and all.

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  2. I may have to go see Jackson Browne if he comes around here – I can’t say I am a huge fan, but it sounds like he puts on a great show, which is reason enough to go see anyone in my mind (and I would likely stay far more sober there than I do at the other JB show I regularly attend (JB as in Jimmy Buffett)).

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    • I’m ready to go back to se Jimmy again. Last time was not fun. Got to spring for the EXPENSIVE tickets to avoid all the “wanderers” tromping through during the concert and blocking what little view we had from the “grassy area”. We got there early for the show, stage was far away but the crowd was mellow. Until the show started and here they came barging in on our space and stumbling over each other and us. Didn’t bother Jimmy who sang and played a great show.


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