AHHH…I remember it well, sort of. An adventure taken in slow, small steps. The process of making the decision, doing the research (without the internet by the way), and the months of travel, testing and interviews looking for the right place to be. It was the start of everything that was to follow and turned out to be not at all like I thought it would be, but better.

Forty years ago today I walked into the…


7 thoughts on “FORTY YEARS AGO TODAY

  1. 40 years ago, I entered a college to study ship building, nautical navigation (also no internet…. and no computers), and a number of other nautically related subjects. It to was the start of everything to follow. It was exactly what I expected until …………… but therein is a whole different story!

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    • Started in Sarasota, FL. Uniform and then detective. Moved to PA and did the last 25 years in criminal investigations. Did everything from auto theft to murder. Lots of material to write about. A long way from that skinny dark haired guy sitting in recruit class. Stay tuned…


  2. We have a friend who recently wrote a book covering his time as a Detective in Toronto. “Lakeshore Detectives” by Larry Cowley. It is very direct and “down to earth”! You may wish to check it out.


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