DEATH DEFYING COMEDY – We had not been to a live stage performance for too long when the opportunity came to us to see Dick’s play. We were swept up into the emotional relationships with which the actress was setting her kitchen table and then the turn to laughter that rolled over the audience as the twist on stage unfolded. Though only one character is visible, the stage is filled with the life and love and sorrow of a cast spun to life, and death, by a script that is superbly crafted and just plain fun! A challenge for any actress to master but a real treat for the audience to enjoy. Dick has a clever mind and a warm heart and it is evidenced by this truly marvelous work.

Shameless promotion for my very good and life long friend, play write and author, Dick Meredith. His one woman play is a must see. You can only hope some smart theater brings it to a stage near you soon.

family die alogue

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