ALL ALONE…A short story in three parts…Part 2


When the sound of the crash faded her eyes were wide and she was trying to think what on earth it could be. She rolled back over to face the open bedroom door that led to the hallway of her small ranch home. Had she left a pan on the counter or had a picture come loose from the wall? Slowly she sat up and slipped her feet into the backless slippers on the floor. Her robe was on the straight back chair near the door and she put that on and peered out into the hall. Not a sound now and the list of things it could be ran through her head. She stopped breathing when she caught movement out of her left eye and turned to see, in the dim glow of the night lights, a dirty tennis shoe attached to a blue jean covered leg slide down from the small attic opening in the ceiling of the hall.

It was only a small little yelp. Not hardly loud enough to be heard from just a few feet away. Gracie covered her mouth so she would not do it again. The leg stopped moving and then quickly pulled back up into the attic and the darkness of the opening. Gracie felt like she was going to pee or throw up or both. It took her a moment to gather her wits and she eased back into the bedroom and closed and locked the door. After taking a few deep breaths she plopped down on the bed and found the phone in the dark, using the lighted dial to punch in 911.


“Zone 9,”

The radio startled Rick. He was parked in the small shopping center lot trying to finish the report on a noisy neighbor complaint from earlier in his shift. He reached and pulled the radio microphone from its mount and answered with his location.

“Hillview and 41.”

“Suspicious circumstances. Elderly complainant thought she saw someone on her ceiling,”

Rick could hear laughter from the radio room in the background. The dispatcher gave him the address and he heard his sergeant say he was backing him up. Rick stuffed the unfinished report in the equipment bag next to him on the passenger seat, moved out onto U.S. 41 and headed south.


Gracie was shivering even though a trickle of perspiration found its way down her back. She was surprised and just a little angry at the way the girl on the phone sounded when she explained what had happened. The girl said officers were on the way and to watch for them. How was she going to do that from her bedroom? She wasn’t going to move, at least not yet.


Rick arrived on the block and doused his lights stopping just short of the house where he could see the side and the front door. Another officer from the adjoining zone slid in behind him. Rick watched his sergeant’s car stop at the other end of the front yard. Rick started for the front door and sent the other officer around to the rear of the house. Rick scanned the front windows and checked the front door for pry marks with his flashlight. All looked to be in order .

“Think she might be seeing things?” the sergeant asked.

Rick shrugged and knocked on the door. He waited a minute and tried the knob. Locked. He knocked again and said loudly, “POLICE!”

attic door open 1

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