ALL ALONE…The short story behind the short story

Thanks for all the feedback on ALL ALONE, the short story recently posted here. There is a lot more to the tale. ALL ALONE was written for a writer’s group and limited to 1500 words. That was the hard part. Oh, and being able to remember that far back.

It really is a work of fiction. At least some of it is fiction. Well, most of it isn’t. It really happened. I know, I was the guy that almost screwed up that night. A sweet little old lady endured a terrible evening and three young cops learned something.

Now that I’ve managed to advance far enough in age to be admitted to Club Nearly Dead, I certainly can better appreciate the little old lady’s frustration and angst. For those of you still in training for CND, take heed. Older people’s lives matter too. Ok, I see you rolling your eyes, I ain’t dead yet and where’d I put my keys?

cops little old lady

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