Was it justified? The DA in South Carolina thinks not. The young policeman who shot and killed a man fleeing on foot has been arrested and charged with murder. Questions about what and how it happened will be answered in a court of law. Speaking from experience, these cases are hard on everyone. There are victims on all sides.

The bystander who managed to capture it all on video has provided a dramatic view of parts of the incident. Once again the call has been heard for the mandatory issuance of body cameras for all uniformed police officers on patrol. Advocates claim this incident and others like it would be prevented by these cameras and they have a point. Opening up the interactions of public officials to public view may indeed have a sobering effect on the parties involved. It may work. And if it works for cops, why not extend the technology to all of those who hold the public’s trust and fate in their hands?

I can think of a few more folks who might change their behavior if all their business was on video, including all those closed door meetings with lobbyists and contributors…

police body camera  congress lapel pin

One thought on “JUSTIFIED?

  1. I am proud of my state for the way they reacted quickly and handled this situation. I am also proud of my husband and his law enforcement family. I am 100% in favor of body cams for all officers- they would help bring vindication for the just and consequences for the unjust.

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