Seems like advice that would apply to many efforts. Not an extremely high bar to jump over. Those of us that write certainly don’t want to, suck that is. Same for bus drivers, cops, teachers and cooks. One of my flight instructors told me, “Flying is not all that difficult when everything is going as it should. The test of a real pilot is surviving when it turns to crap, don’t create problems”. So training, planning, checking and paying attention all help. We all need to apply that to what we do. But perhaps it is just a tad more critical when you’re 5000 feet over rugged terrain and need to pull over to find out what all those warning lights on the panel mean.

fly good dont suck photo

3 thoughts on “WORDS TO FLY BY

  1. I’ve always had a preference to aircraft that are capable of gliding. That one last hope is reassuring. Needless to say, I am not happy being strapped into a steel tube; flanked by two jet engines and a huge supply of high octane fuel; hurtling through “semi”space at 350mph! No………. I don’t fly very often!

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    • Neither do I. It’s a control thing. I never had any fear while flying sailplanes. I preflighted the aircraft and controlled the movement. But now I don’t know who is up front in the cockpit and commercial jets break sometimes. The odds are that it will all go well, but…

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      • Yes it is a control thing. In my case, I know the airlines are profit driven; large enough to make effective management difficult; manned by people some of whom may not be the most responsible, and so the list goes on. There have been so many incidents which were attributed to one man’s oversight and/or carelessness that the overall airline industry does not inspire me with confidence.

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