We all have them and I suppose need them in life and in our fiction. Novelists who capture our attention and keep it by the strength of their writing inspire and motivate. I have read much of his work and enjoyed most of it. He has it right though, bad guys are what I like to write about. I’ve spent a lot of time chasing the real ones and picking up the pieces strewn in their wakes. Fiction is payback. But the good guys are the hard part. Too good and you can’t smell the beer on their breath or the fear oozing from their collars. It won’t come off the page.

A friend of mine who is in the publishing business knew I was writing a book, and he said, ‘Have you said anything yet about the good guy? Because I know you spend so much time with the bad guys.’ Because they’re fun. So then you have to make the good guy fun, in order to compete. That’s the challenge.

Elmore Leonard

J Lo out of sight  travolta get shorty

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