It really was about time. Time caught up with me. Not just age, though that was a big part of it. No, it was time. Sailplane flying was such a big part of our lives. It consumed not just free time but a heck of a lot of cash too. Tows used to be affordable but began to skyrocket with fuel and insurance prices. Then the kid came along and the house and then we needed a new car…

Not enough hours in the day for the real job and trying to scrape up hours for a second didn’t compute. Bye, bye sailplane. Oh well, now I can re-live the days gone by in my fiction. SINK RATE, ROPE BREAK and SIDE SLIP all have lots of flying, both sailplane and power, woven into the mix so there’s that. One of the many sites I visit regularly posted the video below. It’s not a 1-26 like I used to fly but it’s amazing what a creative person can do with Go Pro cameras. Strap in and enjoy your flight.

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