3 thoughts on “LIFE LESSON

  1. Very good! I also like this one:

    1. Take a piece of paper and, with a pen/pencil, divide into approx 6 sections.
    2. Quickly write down the names of 6 people you admire (30 secs time only so no thinking) – 1 in each section
    3. Write down up to 6 traits that you admire for each person and in their respective boxes (1 min total time/10secs each)
    4. Take another piece of paper and write down a consolidation (to avoid duplicates) of all the earlier traits.
    5. Look at these traits and ponder that this would be your perfect person. Give that person a name (any name).
    If you are not aware of the next steps, prompt me somehow tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy dreaming about your new friend and imagine the potential relationship you could have.

    See ya tomorrow?

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  2. Sorry Mike ………. I forgot! So now you have the traits of your perfect friend, given that they incorporate everything that you admire in others. In Step 5 you were to give that person a name. So ………….

    Step 6. You receive a phone call telling you that your friend (step 5) has died, and you have been asked to write and present an obituary.
    Step 7. Write the obituary.
    Step 8. Given that you have just written an overview of your friend’s life …….. a friend who had all the traits that you admired in others ……….. now compare your obituary with your own life. The discrepancies should indicate where you should perhaps be directing your time and energy.

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    • Ohhh, my gray hair hurts. Flash fiction is not an easy thing for me. All those years of legalese writing and being so very concerned about each phrase clearly stating the facts as truthfully as possible. Lots of re-writes and editing. Now that I write long form fiction I still ponder over the twists and turns of the characters and story trying to be “truthful”. I just don’t have the chops for “on the fly” writing. Even these blog posts tend to be short and sweet lest I stick my considerable foot into my mouth…

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