The only hills are on the approach trails. The great leveling plotted by surveyors and road bed engineers to span the dips and mounds pushed up and down over centuries of tectonic plate movement. And when the freight and passengers abandoned the railroads, the tracks rusted and the ties rotted.

Well now the rail beds are active again. Walkers, runners, bikers and even a doggie or two plod along the grit laid down once the steel and creosote wood were taken way. Rail Trails are moving people again. No steam locomotives or smelly diesel electrics, just Nike and Trek now. The closest one to us here in SE PA runs from Coopersburg to Hellertown. Only six miles but it’s a start. Tell us about your favorite walking/jogging/biking venue…

Saucon Rail Trail

5 thoughts on “SAUCON RAIL TRAIL

  1. We tend to use Conservation areas for our trail walks however, there is a Coast to Coast “Trans Canada Trail”, part of which passes us about a 1 hr drive away. We have biked on that and it was quite amazing. Being a “train guy” anyway, made it special because I could envisage old steamers running on these same beds! Great use of old railway routes. πŸ™‚

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  2. Lebanon Valley Rail to Trail. It extends West of Mt Gretna but I’m thinking the name of the trail changes. I believe you can ride into and passed Lawn. Fine gravel, almost ashy surface for an easy ride. My Gretna is a bit of a hill, so keep that in mind when planning the trip. Enjoy your upcoming rides. πŸ™‚

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