Marc’s accepted the challenge. Enjoy.


What a cool way to follow my last posting about self-publishing than to offer congrats and a bag of m&m’s to my fellow blogger/author, Mike Fuller. ( Mike has accomplished what a lot of us hope to do one day–and he’s done it four times! What has he done? He’s had his fourth book accepted by a publisher. It’s actually the third book in his SAM DELAND CRIME NOVEL series.  Mike is a retired officer of the law so he knows his stuff. Anyway, the man is quickly becoming one of my most favorite “wish-I-could-be-like-him” people. He flies an airplane, he sails a boat and he consumes m&m’s (peanuts vs. the regular chocolate ones I favor). Plus, he’s retired and attempting to win the Pulitzer before me. So not only do I have to face all that competition, but now he has tossed my way the great “777 Challenge” that…

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