…will know what this is.


From the Wayback Machine Peabody. A few years ago with my nephew Nick showing me how to use the radio. His mom extracted him from my 1-26 sailplane before takeoff and before I installed one of these…


…to document turn points and verify my flight. Now, of course, everything is recorded and verified by GPS technology. More accurate and the soaring contest director doesn’t have to develop film turned in by the pilots while everyone else darts off to eat and tell war stories.

Our fictional hero and his eighteen year old son are 1-26 sailplane pilots, among other pursuits, in my first novel, SINK RATE. The title comes from soaring terminology but also applies to the drama in rest of the story as well. SINK RATE has bad guys, murder, cops and a little humor here and there. The editing is done and the cover art is ready to go. Look for the release date coming in October. Stay tuned…

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