No, they’re not from Utah. Walter Stanislaus Ozliewski, Sr. is Ozzie. The braun of Sam’s team of troopers. But his heart is big enough to match his former tight end size. And the Oz puts police work in its place behind his love and devotion to his growing family. Marie keeps him focused…

From the first Sam Deland Crime Novel, SINK RATE, due to be released next month:

“Oh, God. You big ox, what did you eat yesterday? It smells like something crawled up inside you and died,” Marie quickly put the bedcovers back down to hold in the smell and rolled over the side and into her slippers. “Need a gas mask to sleep with you. You want coffee or hot chocolate, Ozzie? Ozzie?” she poked him in the ribs. “Oz, wake up, it’s time,” the huge mass in the bed moved slightly and made a rumbling sound. “Stop that, you’ll blow up the house with all that gas!”

The former Marie Gianelli, mother of five, five feet one inch tall and still under one hundred and twenty five pounds, reached back under the covers into the fouled air where Ozzie’s naked butt lay and grabbed a handful of Ozliewski manhood. His eyes popped open and looked at her. “Now either you get your stinking ass outta the bed now, bucko, or I’ll drag it…” She tightened her grip which widened his eyes. “…and you, if you’re still connected to it, out my own self,” her dark brown Bambi eyes flashed at him and she smiled just a little.

“I love you, hon. Come on back in here for just a little…,” Ozzie lost his voice as Marie cranked down on the throttle handle. “Okay, okay, okay, okay, hon, hon, I’m up! I’m up!” she let go only after he started to unwind from the bed and leaned over to give him one on the cheek.

“That’s my big boy. You get Junior moving and I’ll start on the girls. Coffee okay?” Marie was up and out the door. Her days started early with the house, the kids, the rental properties, and Ozzie’s side remodeling business to run. She didn’t slow down. Ozzie watched her backside through the nightgown and thought how beautiful she still was and just how much he did love her, even though she was a pain in his considerable ass sometimes.

He pissed and started down the stairs to wake up his oldest son and caught a glimpse of Marie standing at the front picture window looking out at the front lawn. A coating of very light snow had fallen during the night and it looked like powdered sugar sprinkled on the trees and grass. He came up behind her and she said, “Isn’t it somethin’, Oz?” they both liked the first snows, though Ozzie knew it meant real winter was bearing down on them. Marie reached up and brought his arms around her. They stood there for a bit before Marie moved away to the kitchen to get ready to feed her Polish Italian army.

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