ball in pool

State police Corporal Sam Deland has a lot on his plate. Trying to balance his case load and personal life and only twenty four hours in each day. But his priorities include his soon to be eighteen year old son, Ken.

From my crime fiction novel SINK RATE, due to be released SOON:

When he came out of the shower, Ken was gone. The note on the desk said he was ordering food and would meet him at the pool. “Hormones,” Sam muttered. He slipped on his trunks and put his clean sweats on over that. A few twenties and his room key card went into his ID case and he headed down to rescue Ken.

He found him swimming laps backstroke while a slender young woman was pounding out a decent freestyle trying to catch up to him. They reached the other end of the pool almost together and both did quick flip turns for the lap back. She drilled him by a forearm. He went under and came up blowing water toward the deep end.

“I can’t believe it! You have to give me another chance,” Ken said, gasping breath. He turned to see Sam approach the gathering group of stews in and out of the water and in various states of undress. Two poolside tables were pulled together and a waiter was placing pitchers of soft drinks and plastic glasses down. Another waiter was coming out from the bar with a big basket of nacho chips and bowls of salsa.

“She’s the fastest thing I’ve ever seen,” Ken laughed to the group.

One of the girls started trying to push another into the pool, but slipped and lost her hold. At that, the other girl grabbed the first by the back of her top and swung her around and into the pool. The tossee was quickly followed by the tosser and several others. Ken was surrounded by splashing, giggling women. You couldn’t have blasted the smile off his face with dynamite.

Sam caught the waiter and gave him an additional series of requests and turned back to the noisy pool. He noticed Ken and the slender girl off to the side in the shallow end floating just out of range of the rest. Ken was looking at her and she was looking right back at him. Oh, oh, thought Sam. He’d seen that look before. Her hair was the same dark black as Ken’s. Although his was cut so short the white of his scalp showed through. Even though wet, hers was full and touched the top of her shoulders. She had a strong, but quite proper nose and her skin looked clear and a shade more olive than Ken’s. They weren’t saying anything now, just looking.

Sam stripped the sweats off and did a cannonball between them. He came up to find her paddling away and Ken looking him square in the eye.

“Chicken fights!” tossee shouted and climbed up on to Sam’s shoulders before he could protest. One of the other ladies grabbed Ken and forced him down so she could mount his broad shoulders herself. Someone threw a towel into the pool and the women each grabbed an end and the fight was on. The object started out to be, pull your opponent’s team over by yanking on the towel. That changed, in short order, to pull your opponent’s top off. Titties all over the place. Only Ken’s swimming challenger didn’t get mixed up in it. She managed to slip out of the pool and was cheering the topless troops on from the impromptu buffet. Eventually the girls got themselves covered back up and began to slide out for refreshments.

“Sammy! you came through!” shouted the banker. He was followed into the pool area by two of Sam’s other passengers. “You promise a party, it means a party.”

Things moved right along then. More food and bottles of tequila, vodka, and peach schnapps appeared. The bar music got switched on to the pool speakers and the dancing began. Sam relaxed and let himself enjoy the evening. Their group was joined by stragglers from the bar and by midnight everyone was old friends. The construction guy slipped out with the tosser and Sam found Ken in quiet conversation with the little dark haired girl at the other end of the huge pool room.

“Dad, Sam Deland, I’d like you to meet Grace Echaverria. Grace, this is my dad,” Ken said straight out. She stood up and shook his hand.

“I’m very pleased to meet you. Thank you both for this nice party,” she looked back at Ken with those big, soft, brown eyes. Sam knew this was going to be trouble. Not bad trouble, but trouble, you know.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Ken, can I get you kids anything?” Sam didn’t know what else to say. She looked younger than Ken except for her shape. Tiny waist, strong legs, real biceps.

“Grace just got her wings, she’s the rookie. Swam for Florida State. She’s from Florida, Sarasota. That’s why she gave me such a good race,” Ken bubbled.

“Well, Ken’s second sport is swimming, he’s really a baseball player. Hope he makes the team at the Academy next year,” Sam dropped the hint, just in case Ken hadn’t been forthcoming about his age.

“I think that’s spectacular he’s going to the Air Force Academy. I only managed two years before I had to go to work. I want to go back and finish my degree someday. Ken you stick with it. Don’t let anything stop you,” she advised him.

Amen, thought Sam. “Ok, you kids,” Didn’t I just say that? “I’m going back to the bar.” Sam wasn’t sure what just happened, but knew he’d be seeing that girl again if Ken had anything to say about it.

The party lasted until about 1:30. The Penn State alumni delegation crapped out on the remaining flight attendants and they took a last swim with Ken before gathering their things. Sam badged the security guard so Ken and Grace could side stroke and talk a little longer. The pool was supposed to close at 1:00. The guard was retired from Chicago PD and was living down here in a mobile home park. He and Sam watched the two youngsters paddle slowly around the pool.

“Your boy’s got a real pretty girl there, trooper. Make nice grand babies for you,” the guard innocently said.

Not right away, I hope, thought Sam.

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