Steve Martin not wild, not crazy…

Source: Steve Martin not wild, not crazy…

A big thank you to Jacke Wilson for kind words about our mutual mistiness at the father-daughter bit from a Steve Martin movie. It sparked the following:

It’s serendipity when you stumble onto something when looking for something else. Deja Vu when something happens that you feel may have happened before. But what is an author to think when something happens in real life that was written in fiction years before?

I posted last week from my soon to be released novel, SINK RATE, about the terrible crash that killed Sam’s wife but spared his son. That part of the story was written years ago and sat with the “old” manuscript that got re-written and then sold last year. The scene stayed the same but the story around it did not.

In 2008 I was still chasing bad guys and was 100 miles from home when I got “the call”. My daughter was on her way to the trauma center and it did not look good. The drunk and stoned driver that hit her from behind at 50 plus miles per hour walked away without a bruise. Her story ended better than my fictional victim but real life is real life and it took our family for a very scary ride.

So I need the word for it. And how scary is that? I hope some of the other stuff I’ve written does not come around. I’ve had my share.

4 thoughts on “Steve Martin not wild, not crazy…

  1. I don’t know if there’s a name for the uncanny phenomenon but I’m sure it was happening long before Morgan Robertson penned the Wreck of the Titan (14 years before the Titanic sunk). Coincidence? Or a case of ‘be careful what you write’? Since there’s not a name for it, maybe you need to come up with one. And cross your fingers your that your villains and hazards always stay within the pages.

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