Good trouble but trouble, sort of. It’s not all chasing bad guys or fast cars or gunshots in the dark. In between the cop and crook story is the rest. The characters have lives too and that makes it all melt together. She becomes part of this story and maybe more to come. Sam is on his way to real trouble and finds what he wasn’t really looking for.

From my just released novel, SINK RATE:

He spotted her bending over to pull a head of lettuce out of a cooler at the back end of the counter. The view she offered to Sam included the label on the back of her very snug blue jeans. She had on a forest green knit sweater and soft, brown leather cowgirl boots. As she stood and turned, the sweater came to life and she looked right at Sam, brushing a lock of long brown hair out of her eyes. She was about thirty, not thin but almost, and there was no ring on her left hand. And that made Sam very interested in finding out just a little more about her. She gave him a bit of a smile and Sam felt himself flush just a little.

“Which one were you on?” she asked in a small quiet voice.

“Wha…wha…I don’t understand?” Sam felt like he couldn’t get the words out. Careful with this, he thought. “What do you mean, which one?”

“Carrier. Which one were you on? Your jacket, naval air. You weren’t land based anti-sub were you?” she walked toward him inspecting his flight jacket. He didn’t quite know what to do. Now, she was very interesting.

“Long time ago, the Kennedy. I was young and foolish. I know better now,” That’s it Sam, get your feet back under you. “You Navy, too?”

“Only by former marriage, sort of, a jarhead. Talk about young and foolish,” she started it, but it took hold of both of them and they laughed out loud like kids. She put down the lettuce, wiped her hands on a wad of paper towel, and stuck it out toward his to shake. “Eileen Matthews, I run this magnificent establishment. And who might you be, sailor?”

He could feel his pulse jammering up his chest and back. It was like he was in a movie or something. He’d forgotten why he’d come in here, but he was sure as hell glad he did. “I’m Sam Deland. Looks like you have some excitement going on down the road.”

She turned rock solid, “I can’t believe it happened, they were real nice people, not like they were from the city at all. She used to come in here and get pies when I’d make them up fresh. Her husband liked pumpkin. Didn’t see him too much, but he always said hi and how ya doing and talked about the weather,” she took a half a step back and looked him up then down, “You’re here about that, aren’t you?” Oh, oh. She can read minds.

Sam nodded, “State Police, ma’am, do you still love me even with my warts?” she shook her head no, but her eyes said yes and she smiled again. He added, “Listen, do you deliver?”

She gave him a look of surprise, then thought about it, “Oh, food you mean? Yeah, I can, sure.”

“If it’s not too much trouble, I got a bunch of guys over at the gun shop earning their pay and then some. How about a case of Snapple tea and a dozen sandwiches on those good rolls so they don’t pass out from hunger. I think we’re going to be here a while,” Sam took out several twenties and dropped them on the counter. “Throw in some chips and, oh good, a couple boxes of those chocolate doughnuts,” Ozzie came to mind when he spotted the doughnuts. “I’ve got to get over there. It’s been a pleasure meeting you,” indeed it had. He gave her a quick nod, a smile, and spun back out the door. She was asking about mustard and mayo as he jumped off the top step. He gave her a thumbs up, slid into the Nissan and backed out.



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