Assault rifles among weapons stolen from Worcester armory

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, or at least as strange as. I’ve seen book and movie promotions shouting, “Ripped from the headlines!” Fiction mirroring real life. From my recently released Crime/Detective novel, SINK RATE:

T ran through his case. He didn’t have much. The thefts had been getting more frequent and when not only M-16 rifles were coming up missing, but LAW anti-tank rockets also, it got a much higher priority. The military was having a lot of problems with gang members and associates in recent years. They couldn’t keep them out and it was impossible to exclude them from details where security was an issue. Besides, money talks. What the gangs couldn’t get themselves, they bought. Finally a source of information developed and a suspect from the Gary, Indiana area was identified. When Chief Johnston began to question servicemen who had access to the weapons, the suspect went AWOL and disappeared. His little brother got dead and here was T. Johnston looked at the printout Ozzie pulled from the book and studied it for a minute. He opened one of his folders and compared them.

“Look at this, trooper,” he showed them to Ozzie and Don. “On Memorial Day weekend, twenty-one M-16s go missing from Plattsburg, NY. On July 4th weekend, seventeen M-16s and six LAWs from Lynn, Massachusetts, and twenty-nine M-16s and fifteen LAWs from Gary. Labor Day, twelve M-16s from Chicago and our boy goes AWOL at the end of September just before fourteen rifles and ten LAWs from Springfield, Missouri. Looks like your victim kept track of his customers. His list fits. If my math is right, I’d say, let me add this, I’d say two hundred for the rifles and three fifty for the rockets. Damn cheap for what you’re getting, but the upfront costs were pretty low.”


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