AT 11.21.15 shadow

The November sun flies low in the sky getting ready for that day in December when it appears for the shortest show of the year. Drivers squint trying to see and golfers lose sight of the ball in flight then can’t find it among all the leaves on the ground. But the cool temperatures and crisp air are perfect for a day in the woods. No bugs and no crawly critters to distract from a peaceful walk on the Appalachian Trail.

AT 11.21.15 blaze

Grey, brown and black. Winter is on the way. It has it’s own beauty and we appreciate spring all the more once it comes. The white blazes marking the trail stand out and guide the way through he fallen leaves thick on the trail.

AT 11.21.15 shelter

One of the best maintained shelters on the trail. The Allentown shelter gets plenty of use but the log book is dotted with entries by trail maintenance crews watching out for this section of the trail. Not a speck of dirt on the floor or steps.

AT 11.21.15 coffee

Yes, it weighs a little more but there ain’t nothin’ like REAL coffee on a cool breezy day. The smell attracted a crowd. Fifteen scouts and their leaders arrived to pitch tents and a family of five came in for the night. This was not the first visit by Mom and Dad though. Seems he popped the question right here eighteen years ago. Almost anything can happen on the Trail!

A nine mile training hike, great weather and good people to visit with. Oh, and that REAL coffee too.

Starboard! AT 2017

6 thoughts on “AND MY SHADOW

    • I’ve tried the better instants. Just not the same. I will re-evluate the weight factor when I start my thru hike in 2017. I am considering carrying an ipad and bluetooth keyboard to work on a novel during all that “free” time. If, that is, I can keep my eyes open at the end of a day of humping up and down.

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