Paperback version sink rate

For those of you who are world famous authors, the putting on of hands to the first copy of your first book may be lost in all the kerfluffel of notoriety and success, but for me it’s just  a peachy day. To actually see it in the flesh, well, paper though it may be, it still seems to be a wonderful thing. The current project (another historical novel) is well underway and the sequel to SINK RATE, ROPE BREAK, is on the schedule for release next March. Progress is subject to distraction though, and sometimes just has to wait for a little staring off into space while holding that first copy.


  1. This is so GREAT! I cannot imagine how wonderful a feeling it is to look at YOUR name on YOUR book on YOUR bookshelf.

    I can’t wait to know that feeling. Until then I am wiping away my tears for your success. Great Job.


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