Christmas tree at Epcot

Even in Florida the warmth and sunshine is all part of the Christmas spirit. The tree at Epcot from a few years ago helped us through the low spots we were trying to shake off. An extended vacation to put some life back into a space that really needed it. Recovery and rehabilitation from some broken bones and broken hearts.

That trip with our daughter after her near fatal crash not only worked toward her recovery but lit a fire under me to dust off the original manuscript of my first novel and put some new life into it. It took a while but what’s a few years in the grand scheme of things?

Part of the story of Sam, my main character in SINK RATE, I wrote about a couple of months ago  here and probably needed to say a bit more. The scene was originally written many years ago. Long before I got the phone call no parent ever wants to receive. Sam’s tragic loss at the careless hands of a drunk driver was fiction. But fiction is sometimes born of truth. In this case, it was just the opposite.

Our daughter survived, barely. She has recovered with obstacles still to overcome but it is chilling to realize that the fiction nearly caught up with reality.

The holidays always bring it to mind. It will never go away completely. So, here it is. A story that does ring true, by strange coincidence. But there is so much more. Characters, drama, action and humor. A darn good tale, if I do say so. And more to come. ROPE BREAK, the next part of the story, comes out in March and SIDE SLIP will follow. The links are at the top of the page, a great Christmas gift for your favorite reader.




4 thoughts on “THAT TIME OF THE YEAR

    • Thanks Meg. I wanted to tell “the rest of the story” from my earlier post and the shot of the Epcot Christmas tree reminded me of that trip. Our daughter was able to walk a little at a time and we had a slow stroll through the “countries” there. She overcame all the operations and the metal rods and is doing well. It will be eight years in January. To this day she says the tailbone was the worst of it all.

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