Impaled tree

Sunday began early. O dark early. And part of it was spent in the no electricity dark and the “safety” of the guest bathroom. The Child Bride, a shaking Annie and your not so brave author listening to the “not a tornado” roaring overhead. Our neighbors north of us in Sarasota (that’s a really nice place on the west coast of Florida for those of you without Bing Maps) got hit a lot harder but our bit of it was bad enough.

What you are looking at is a piece of downed and smashed street lamp hard plastic lens impaled into the trunk of an oak tree in our front yard. AN OAK TREE. You know, the hardwood kind of tree as in sailing ship hull and Amish furniture kind of hardwood. I think it might have left a mark if it had hit, oh, I don’t know, maybe A HUMAN LEG.

So, 15 hours later when the power came back on, the TV news showed all the downed trees and debris scattered bout but cheerfully reminded us that it was just strong winds and not a tornado. Yikes, tell that to the oak with the sore trunk.

11 thoughts on “YIKES!

  1. I was in Halifax N.S. when hurricane Juan decided to coming charging through, and seeing small trees horizontally impaled on railings was disturbing.

    More recently here (Toronto area), we had a bad storm (just a storm) go through and our maple tree lost a branch (about 2″ dia) which landed vertically in our back lawn. Trying to pull it out was surprisingly difficult, but I noted afterwards that about 18″ of it had been under ground!

    One can only imagine what could have happened if anybody had been outside at the time. My learning from this – Have a very healthy respect for nature. She has unimaginable power at her disposal.

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  2. Microbursts are real, and mighty powerful. Then there’s the phenomenon weather geeks refer to as a “fist” of wind, which may be what you experienced.

    Mother Nature has many ways of proving her power over us.

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