Rope Break return

The next SAM DELAND CRIME NOVEL is coming soon. Scheduled for a March release but that is not etched in stone. ROPE BREAK stands alone, independent of the first novel, SINK RATE, however, many of the characters return and some of the story continues. New bad guys and some twists that make the next corner a bit of a chill to round.

There is a little mystery, a chunk of suspense and some seat of the pants flying to test the skills and the will of the good guys. Catch up with Sam, Ken, Ozzie and the rest of the cast of characters. From the pages of ROPE BREAK:

Ken was in the tow plane towing a heavy fiberglass high performance sailplane the owner had weighted down with water in the wing tanks. At about 700 feet above the ground, the glider bumped into a strong thermal and strained the tow rope beyond its capacity. The few seconds that followed the rope break caused much concern among the glider pilot’s crew on the ground, but no one got hurt and the surprised pilot followed his training by dropping his nose for a turn into the wind and did a 180 back to the field. It was quite a sight to witness the low level return of the long winged white bird dumping water from its wings and dashing for the end of the runway.

315Q and Nick 1

Some time ago Sunday: Say, ‘Turning final’, Nick.

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