It has come around again. That time of the year when half of the country is watching the heating bill erupt and the other half is ducking tornadoes and flash floods. In between the distractions is everyday life and love. Last year we (The Child Bride has her way of influencing some of the content here) spent the week before February 14th sharing some of our favorite love songs. After all, a writer has to have some inspiration even if the subject is crime fiction. The hero of SINK RATE does like girls so a little spice in between lights and sirens finds it way into the stories.

But all is not peachy all the time. Love is a flower that needs more than dirt and rain. Each of us has had that awful day when he/she walked away or we fled toward loneliness in tears and pain. A good love is hard to find but someone once told me that you don’t choose to fall in love. Falling out is the hard part. So, with the permission of The Child Bride, we will share some of our favorite music that touches the other side. The side of love we have to pass through to get where we want to go. Lost love songs that temper our mood and make us remember just how much we treasure the real thing and just how precious true love is.

To kick off the ten days of (lost) love songs is a fellow alumni of Plant High School (in Tampa), Stephen Stills. Now, he was a few years ahead of me and didn’t seem all that fond of his experience there. Stephen once recalled at a Tampa concert, rather sarcastically,  not being permitted to conduct the high school band. If they only knew then…

Southern Cross


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