So I’m Going To Make A Movie… UPDATE #1

Originally posted on Kurt’s blog; a little kick in the pants for a fellow author, editor, poet, dog lover and sailor. Kurt is living the dream of those of us who like to twist words around in our heads and one of his works is going visual. His story of breaking ground, or the sea in this case, is one that those of us in law enforcement went through even further back in history. Women in police work faced challenges and opposition and Kurt’s tale will show us what happened when the Navy made the decision to put women on previously all male ships. Should be something to see. If you can help him with this project, please dig in and “pay it forward”. Break a keyboard, Kurt, we’re rootin’ for you.



As you may already know, a short film is going to be made of a screenplay I adapted from LEAVE, one of my short, dramatic stories about what it may have been like for the first females sailors assigned to warships back in the Nineties.

It probably isn’t much of a spoiler to say that in both the story’s and the film’s interpretation, it is quite a challenge for those courageous women, seeing how the all-male crew of the ship they’re reporting to would rather go to war than have their ship be invaded by female sailors.


So… I’ll be going out to Los Angeles in April to begin work on the production, but first we have a small detail of raising the funds.

Yes, I’m looking at you…

We plan to film on the battleship USS Iowa, which is now a museum ship out in LA. Unfortunately…

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