Up into the mist. The story is split with two dramas unfolding into life and death for the good guys and the bad. Choosing ground isn’t always possible, it just happens. Sam’s team of troopers will not back down even when faced with a mountain to climb and a murderer armed and waiting in ambush above them. From the soon to be released ROPE BREAK:

Cars were converging on the naked lady picture house. Calvin directed people where to go and called the Hazleton corporal on the radio to try to get H-1 in the air. The corporal was still on his way to Calvin and got as busy as he could on the radio and cell phone and not crash the car.

Shotguns and ARs were popping out of trunks and several troopers were sitting sideways in their cars changing into boots. Calvin pulled the map case from his car and went back up to the porch. He wanted a bigger picture of the area than the sat photo of the house.

Nothing. There was nothing for miles until the mountain went down the other side to a state road.

Calvin called the corporal again, but it went to voicemail. He hollered down to one of Hazleton troopers in the road, “Send a couple of cars around to the state road on the other side of the mountain.”

The Hazleton trooper wasn’t sure who the black guy in the white shirt and tie on the porch was, but he sounded like he knew what he was doing, so he grabbed his partner and motioned for one of the marked cars to follow him and took off down the hill.

Flathead was still shaken from the moment he saw the unmarked cars swooping in on him. Now he was nearly exhausted as he pulled and scrambled his way up the steep hillside through the bare trees. Only the thorns had greened up and the rest was still just budding out. The forest floor was open from the winter. He was dressed in black leathers, which blended with the dark tree trunks and had sturdy boots, but there was just no cover. A few rhododendron patches were on the hill, but he didn’t dare to stop and hide. He could hear the troopers talking loudly below him and climbing the hill after him. He slipped the 9mm out of his boot. He was not going back to prison today.

2 thoughts on “FOOT CHASE

    • Thank you. Much more to come. I’ll try to tease ROPE BREAK a bit more before it comes out next month. I had a lot of fun writing this book. Though it is somewhat independent of the first in the series (SINK RATE), many of the characters make a return. Even more to come with the book (SIDE SLIP) to follow ROPE BREAK. Stay tuned…


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