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The second SAM DELAND CRIME NOVEL, ROPE BREAK, has just been released. I am overwhelmed with emotion to see my second novel in its own place on Amazon. The Child Bride says she likes this one the best, so far. Bless her little heart.

The story begins seven months after the fatal conclusion to SINK RATE and brings back some of the characters from that book. But there are new twists, new drama and new bad guys to make this into an exciting follow up in the series.


ROPE BREAK synopsis:

He’s worried about being due in Federal Court tomorrow and trying to enjoy his day off when it turns ugly once again. Corporal Sam Deland is drawn into another mystery double murder in his usually quiet suburban community and Sam’s team of state police investigators have to dig deep into the gang and drug underground to find the shooters.  The Oz, Calvin and Johnny are as different as could be but these tough, smart state troopers meld together their talents to work through the twisting trail of leads on this bloody case with Sam.  But just as Sam sees the mystery starting to come together he is slammed in the face with his own family tragedy when Sam’s 18 year old son and his son’s beautiful Cuban-American girlfriend turn up missing and in danger over a thousand miles away.

A can-not-put-it-down story with action, drama and even humor here and there as Sam balances his professional and personal life trying not to foul up either one.  Great characters, even the bad guys, and vivid scene descriptions make this a story for any reader to thoroughly enjoy.   Another truly stunning novel from the author of the Sam Deland crime story, SINK RATE.

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