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News has reached the southern writing retreat amid the whirlwind of the release of my second novel, ROPE BREAK, that my historical novel, CAPTAIN’S SORTIE, has been accepted for publication. Christmas in March. We just need electronic ribbons and bows to wrap the presents. I have been bouncing back and forth between writing, promotion, editing and correspondence so much that The Child Bride has had to slow me down a bit. So into the queue goes novel number five:


by Mike Fuller

A Deland sea and land adventure novel


The American colonial frontier is at war and stained in the blood of farmer and soldier alike. French generals have filled the land with armies of white uniformed troops and heir north woods Indian allies. No one is safe from the perils of this conflict that seems to have no end. Captain Ben Deland sails north from the warm Caribbean with more than one mission to accomplish. The war is not going well for the British and Americans in the late winter of 1758 and Ben once again must lead his loyal crew ashore and into the dangerous forests and mountains to face the French and Indians.

But the British have undertaken a great task to stop the French from overwhelming the Hudson and splitting the colonies in two. Captain Deland is drawn to their aid and then has to launch a desperate rescue into the dangerous wilderness filled with enemies to find the victims of the war raging all around them.

Sea and shore action and adventure told through the stories of the men and women who face overwhelming obstacles and evil characters. Real history mixed with rich descriptive portrayals of nature and man set in the violence and uncertainty of war on the colonial frontier. Another thrilling novel from the author of CAPTAIN’S CROSS.

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