Traffic crashes, family fights, shoplifters and doughnuts. But sometimes cops have a bit more to deal with. Their families back at home may never know…

From the newly released crime/detective/thriller novel, ROPE BREAK:

Adams’ uniform was a mess by now and he was not happy. Normally he was fastidious, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. He even got down on his hands and knees a couple times to sort out marks on the forest floor.

“He turned north here. Cutting across to the ridge over there,” Adams said then stood up and pointed. Something struck a tree branch next to his head and pieces of bark flew. They heard the sound of the shot follow and hit the wet ground.

They all pulled their pistols out. They’d left them holstered up until now so they could use both hands to climb. That seemed secondary to self-defense at the moment.

The troopers advancing up the hill from the house had different reactions. Some dropped to the ground, others crouched and others tried to pick out where it came from.

Adams’ portable radio blurted, “Shots fired!”

Johnny looked over at Adams and said, “No shit.”

Johnny and Ozzie fell in behind Adams and worked their way up. It was slow going. They made a real effort to keep a tree between them and McCall’s gun.

Adams stopped and was looking intently at a spot up ahead. He suddenly raised his pistol up and yelled, “Drop the gun! Let me see your hands!” Ozzie didn’t see anything and Johnny was blocked by Ozzie. They all froze in place watching the woods above them.

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